Constituted February 8, 2011
North Carolina No. 73 Susquehanna Court No 74
Consecrated on 8th Febvruay 21011 Consecrated on 9th February 2011.
Meeting Place: Meeting Place:
Monroe Masonic Temple Allentown Masonic Temple,
520 East Franklin St., Monroe NC 28112-5700 1524 Linden Street, Allentown PA 18103
Meeting Dates: Meeting Dates:
4th  Saturday in June First Saturday in March, the Friday
1st  Saturday in October before the fourth Saturday in June,
1st  Saturday in March second Saturday in October (I).
Secretary: Bro. J. David Cashion Secretary: W Bro. Albert P. Schmidt
828 432 0334 267-210-8381,

Court of Discovery No 80 Iowa Court No 81
Consecrated on 8th February 2012. Consecrated on 8th February 2012.
Meeting Place: Meeting Place:
Columbia Masonic Temple, Des Moines Scottish Rite Masonic Center,
3 Masonic Drive, Columbia MO 65202 519 Park Street, Des Moines, IA 50309
Meeting Dates: Meeting Dates:
4th Sat in Feb, 2nd Sat in May Second Friday in April, the second Friday in August,
4th Sat in Aug, 2nd Sat in Nov and the second Friday in December.
Secretary: W. Bro. Kevin B. Sample Secretary: Bro. Jason A. Wolcott
Tel: 573/819.3392

Plinth Court No. 91 Salish Court No 96
Consecrated on 7th December 2013 Consecrated on 23rd November 2013
Meeting Place: Meeting Place:
McAlester Scottish Rite Temple Masonic Hall
305 North 2nd Street 57 W. Sunset Way
McAlester OK 74501-4648 USA Issaquah, Washington 98027 USA
Meeting Dates: Secretary: W Bro. Satoru Tashiro
First Saturday in March the first Saturday in June
and the first Saturday in September
Secretary: W Bro. James R. Taylor

Duke of Cumberland Court No. 101 Noble Stone Court No. 104
Consecrated on 12th February 2014 Consecrated on 22nd November 2014
Meeting Place: Meeting Place:
Worcester Hiram Lodge No. 21 Minneapolis Scottish Rite Temple,
118 North Loudoun St. 2011 Dupont Ave. South,
Winchester, VA 22601 Minneapolis, MN 55405
Secretary: Peter S. Jensen Secretary: W. Bro. Kenneth P. Hill,
(703) 989-3368

Potomac Court No. 107 REGIUS CORDIS COURT NO. 110
Consecrated on 28th January 2015 Conscrated on 25th July 2015
Meeting Place: Meeting Place:
The House of the Temple, Fort Wayne Masonic Temple,
1733 Sixteenth Street NW, 216 East Washington Blvd.,
Washington, DC 20009-3103 Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Secretary: RW. Bro. Bryce B. Hildreth, Secretary: Michael Doxsee

Veritas Court No. 112 Tennessee Court No. 122
Conscrated on 31st October 2015
Meeting Place:
Fellowship Hall,
1114 Oxmead Rd, Burlington,
New Jersey, USA, 08016
Secretary: Henry J. Haughey
(609) 314-5611

Georgia Court No. 124Bloody Run Court No. 127